Japanese feng shui articles - part 2
<br>Feng shui tips for your bedroom

Japanese Feng shui tips for your bedroom

In Japanese feng shui, the bedroom is also a very important place, because without good sleep no one can keep good health.

Bedroom should not have too much yang energy. Use cool colors such as white, blue, green for your bed cover , pillow case, shirt ,blanket and curtain..

Good directions for bedroom are East, southeast, northwest, northeast.

East - If your bedroom is located in the East of your house, this is a sun rise area and very energetic place . You will get alot of energy while sleeping, Also great to have kids room in this area.

Southeast - This bedroom location is good for health , especially for girls, she will have a good relationship and new friendship opportunity.

Northwest - This area symbolizes father, and good for husband or father 's career, business luck. The leader of this house will be father or husband.

Northeast - This is called " evil area" in Japan, however for bedroom, it's not bad luck. This area often changes " chi" ( yang and yin) energy so, it is believed to be like a new beginning.

A bad direction for bedroom in Japanese feng shui is South because this area has alot of yang energy, and can not get good sleep.Too much yang energy makes you feel irritated, easy to get upset and it influences your wealth luck.

Also if your bedroom is located in the west, this is a retirement area ( sun set area ) and it is easy to be lazy and easy to get tired and look older than your real age. To get powerful energy, good to place your head at East direction when you sleep ( however the bed should not be in a bad feng shui location.). If you look younger than your age , it shows you are full of good " chi" flowing through your body.

The best directions to place your head when you sleep Basically , it is believed that North and East are the best places for your head when you are sleeping.

North - It will clean your negativity and relax sleeping. Especially for people who have health problems, and it is also said to bring wealth luck.

East - It will give you energy and young body. If you feel easy to get tired and don't have any energy, good to place your head in this direction.

Bad feng shui for bedroom

* Avoid to put your bed directly facing to the bedroom door in any directions. The position of your bed should not be close to the door.

* Avoid to put your bed where other sharp corners are pointing at your bed.

* Avoid to place a mirror in front of your bed , always cover the mirror with cloth while you are sleeping.

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