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Lovely Small Fluorite Stone Rabbit Carving - <br>  Zodiac animal  for 2023

Feng shui for good luck, Abundance, Fertility, Protection, Longevity, Beauty, Love

Very lovey mini Rabbit hand carving made of natural Fluorite.

This fluorite Rabbit figurine measures about 2.2 inches tall. ( about 5.6cm )

The price is for one Rabbit carving.


In the Chinese culture, the rabbit is known to be one of the luckiest out of all the twelve zodiac animals.

It's known as that people who are born in the year of the rabbit are calm and peaceful.

Symbols of Rabbit : Longevity, fertility, lechery, abundance, mercy, Love relationships, Prosperity, Protection, speed, devotion, peace, beauty, elegance,

Symbol of Moon

Since ancient times in Japan, the tale of a rabbit living on the moon has been handed down as a Buddhist/Taoist tale or folk tale because the pattern on the moon as seen from Japan has looked like a rabbit pounding rice cakes.

Symbol of Mountain

Traditions that equate rabbits with 'mountain gods' or equate them with 'mountain god messengers' or rides are widely seen throughout Japan.

Symbol of speed

It is often used as a symbol of fast-moving things. Depending on the species, hares can run at speeds of 60-80 kilometers per hour to escape predators.

Considering that in the case of humans, even the world record holder for the 100m sprint does not reach 40 kilometers per hour (and the top speed is only momentary), you can see how fast rabbits are. (In the case of Japanese rabbits, because they have prepared holes to hide in, they have not developed the ability to escape at such a high speed, and are said to run at about 35 kilometers per hour.)

Symbol of devotion

In the Buddhist world, it is a symbol of devotion. This is because in the jataka, a collection of Buddhist tales, there is a tale (sasajataka) in which a rabbit throws itself into the fire and offers it to a hermit.

Fluorite stone

Benefits of Fluorite stone

Fluorite is sometimes called [Stone of Genius].

Fluorite works to release yourself from the thought patterns and suppressed emotions that have been fixed as you grow up, and enhances the free and innocent ideas and thoughts of childhood.

It is also a stone that activates the brain and hippocampus and enhances clarity and memory, and is useful for relieving headaches when holding it when studying for exams. and it is also recommended as an amulet for exams.

It is also a stone that helps to solve problems, and it is also a stone that purifies energy like clearing the fog in front of people with worries and hesitation, and illuminates the solution like a lighthouse that shows the way.

Different colors of Fluorite have slightly different energetic properties. As a general trend, purple colors tend to enhance clarity and sensitivity, green colors have a healing effect, and gradation colors tend to enhance imagination.

* Has heeling power

* Develop relationships

* Amulets for taking exams

* Eliminate negative emotions

* get rid of headache

* improve concentration and thinking ability

* Strengthen the desire for freedom

* Improve memory

* Release of suppressed emotions

* Innocent ideas and thoughts

How to purify fluorite stone

* Place it on the crystal or amethyst cluster

* Place the it on your balcony or near the window where it can get the full moon light directly on a full moon night.

* Smudge the fluorite stone by burning incense or herbs such as sage or sandalwood and waving the smoke over and through them until the incense ( or herbs ) burn out.

* Everything in life is vibration, including music and sounds. It’s constantly vibrating. Choose a sound or music which has high frequency and by placing the fluorite stone in the room where there are the sounds or music which have high frequency, the crystal catches the energy of the vibration .

And the sounds with high frequency can cleanse the all kind of gemstones as well as the space.

Shipping for this item

This item will be shipped from outside of USA.

The processing time is about 2 to 3 days.

Estimated delivery time to USA will be about 15 to 25 business days, for other countries, it will be about 15 to 35 business days days.

This item is FREE SHIPPING by standard airmail shipping.

Please select " International shipping " for the shipping option at the check out page.

If you prefer faster shipping option, please send us an email before placing your order or leave a messages when you place your order.

We will calculate the shipping fee and will let you know.

Lovely Small Fluorite Stone Rabbit Carving -
Zodiac animal for 2023
crystal-130Retail price: $35.95Our price: $28.77

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Hi Keiko,

I received the beautiful brass dragons, bronze dragon incense burner and Kuan Yin. They are absolutely beautiful. I paid almost double for a smaller brass dragon from a different company that looks almost childish next to yours.

It is very obvious the quality of this artwork is far superior and the energy in my house feels like it has lifted. The small dragon you included as a gift is much nicer than I expected, thank you very much! I will enjoy these for many years, many thanks.

I look forward to ordering my Christmas presents from you.

Dabbie.L , CT

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