Feng shui wealth directions

Where is wealth direction in feng shui ?

There are several kinds of feng shui methods. Feng shui compass school, black hat, bagua, feng shui flying stars system etc..

And you may be confused which method is real feng shui ?

Whichever method is fine if you feel comfortable with it and depending on your house layouts, some methods may not feel comfortable to use it.

All the areas in your house have hidden power to make your life good or ill.

If you wish to increase your wealth luck, good to pay more attention to your wealth area.

There are three ways to find your wealth directions. ( You can use whichever you feel comfortable based on your house layouts.)

Before you try feng shui, please prepare feng shui compass to measure the accurate directions.

Need a feng shui compass ? You can get it here

* Feng shui wealth direction by your house entrance

When you open your entrance door from inside , which direction is your entrance facing ?

Southeast entrance

Wealth directions - Southwest , East

South entrance

Wealth direction - Southeast

East entrance

Wealth directions - North, southwest

North entrance

Wealth directions - Southwest , East

Northeast entrance

Wealth direction - southeast

West entrance

Wealth directions - North, Southeast

Southwest entrance

Wealth direction - West

Northwest entrance

Wealth direction - East, South

* Feng shui wealth directions by eight directions

There are also different purposes of wealth areas. It’s good to use each area depending on your purpose.

East - income, financial plan

Southeast - business, entertainment, relationship, leisure

South - stock market , investment, gambling, lottery

Southwest - saving money

West - debt, spendthrift,

Northwest - assets ,lottery

North - savings,

Northeast - real estate, inheritance

Feng shui Wealth directions by 24 directions

When you buy a new house, or move to a new place, please check the house’s sitting direction because it influences your wealth luck.

Before you proceed, please determine which direction your house sits in and faces toward with compass.

24 directions derive from 8 fundamental directions and each directions constitutes 45 degrees of the compass.

8 directions are north, northwest, west, southwest, south, southeast, east, northeast.

Those 8 directions X 45 degrees = 360 degrees. And each direction ( 8 directions ) is subdivided into 3 equal parts of 15 degrees each.

How to determine your house’s sitting and facing directions ?

Your house’s sitting direction is the direction your house leans towards. And the sitting direction is the opposite side of facing direction.

* The main entrance is usually on the facing direction.

* The backyard corresponds to the sitting direction.

* Large windows might indicate the facing direction.

* Traffic is heaviest on the facing direction.

* A back alleyway usually corresponds to the sitting direction.

* Living rooms or family rooms are usually located on the facing direction and bedrooms, kitchens are located on the sitting directions.

* The street address corresponds to the facing direction.

Sitting directions and meanings


North 1 : 337.5 - 352.5 degrees

This direction has strong financial luck, and possible to build assets , financial freedom. Business success

North 2: 352.5 - 7.5 degrees

Emperor/ empress direction. Receive a lot of respect from people.

North 3 : 7.5 - 22.5 degrees

Success direction, Great for office. It is also believed that beautiful baby will be born.


Northeast 1 : 22.5 - 37.5 degrees

Save money with steady way, step by step and it will grow big at the end.

Northeast 2 : 37.5 - 52.5 degrees

It also called the area of front entrance for god and it’s better to avoid this area for your house’s sitting direction.

Northeast 3 : 52.5 - 67.5 degrees

Illness direction. People whose house’s sitting direction in this area often get sick, and trouble with their children. Avoid this area.


East 1 : 67.5 - 82.5 degrees

This area is also illness direction. Health problems.

East 2 : 67.5 - 82.5 degrees

Big career success, business success, effort, determination,

East 3 : 97.5 - 112.5 degrees

Good for entertainers and artists to achieve their goals, especially for women.


Southeast 1 : 112.5 - 127.5 degrees

Savings, step by step, possible to get success after long term of effort and determination.

Southeast 2 : 127.5 - 142.5 degrees

Great for people who need to have promotion. Examinations and studying luck.

Southeast 3 : 142.5 - 157.5 degrees

Great for food industries, restaurants, café, bar,


South 1 : 157.5 - 172.5 degrees

Bring fame and honor. Great for politicians and entertainers.

South 2 : 172.5 - 187.5 degrees

Bring change, break up, family can not be together.

South 3 : 187.5 - 202.5 degrees

Good health and longevity , helpful people, get success by many supporters.


Southwest 1 : 202.5 - 217.5 degrees

Savings, great wealth luck,

Southwest 2 : 217.5 - 232.5 degrees

Gate of god, avoid this area for your house’s sitting direction.

Southwest 3 : 232.5 - 247.5 degrees

Low power, no success, can not succeed.


West 1 : 247.5 - 262.5 degrees

Good for business owners or teachers but not strong wealth luck.

West 2 : 262.5 - 277.5 degrees

Good for government workers , fame and honor, trouble with relationship,

West 3 - 277.5 - 292.5 degrees

Great for writers, professors, scholars, get help from older people, good for study,


Northwest 1 : 292.5 - 307.5 degrees

Lucky area for real estate, property, assets,

Northwest 2 : 307.5 - 322.5 degrees

Has strong power for everything, ideal family,

Northwest 3 : 322.5 - 337.5 degrees

Make a successful legendary person, good for fame and honor,

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