Feng Shui for Wealth

Feng Shui Wealth & Prosperity

Direction : Southeast (Sun)

Number: 4

Shape : Rectangle

Gratitude : Abundance

Afflictions: Financial loss; reduced assets

Eldest Daughter

Season: Early Summer

Body Part: Hips, Buttocks, Neck

Elements & Colors to Use:

Wood Rules: Green, Brown

Water Produces: Blue, Black, Purple

Elements & Colors to Avoid:

Metal Destroys: White, Gold, Silver, Metallic

Fire Exhausts: Red, Burgundy, Copal

* Hang a peaceful Ocean picture in the Southeast of your living room, it will stimulate growth of wealth.

* Place 9 Goldfishes in the Southeast of your living room, it will bring big wealth luck. One for black color gold fish, and the rest of them for red or gold color is good.

* Place a fish picture or figurine

* Place a Jade figurine in the Southwest or Northeast. Jade symbolize wealth and good fortune.

* Place 4 Oranges (Fruit)in the Southeast of your living room or family room.

* Place 4 Jade Plants for Prosperity in the Southeast.

* Activate Wealth with a Creative Blend of Paint Color, Furniture, Plants, Tiles & Vases of Water

* Wooden Decorative Accessories Stimulate Wealth in the Southeast of your living room or office.

* 3 Legged Toads with Coin for Wealth
Place maximum number of 9 in living room & garden. Hide in plants or under tables...Hopping in & out.

Metal frogs should be place in the North or West. Red color frogs should be place in the South or Northeast. (Never place a toad in your bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.)

Chinese antique Coins - Chinese antique Coins are a great symbol of wealth, for they represent money.

* Placing three or eight coins tied together with a red thread in your purse, taped onto your invoice book or on your cash register is one of the most effective ways to attract money and revenues into your life.

* Lion - Place a figure of a Wooden or Jade lion in the South east of your living room. The lion is the king of beasts and a symbol of royalty. It will help you attract wealth and power.

* Incense Burner of Wealth - The Incense Burner of Wealth is perfect for attracting Wealth chi.

*Feng Shui THREE LEGGED TOAD WITH A COIN IN ITS MOUTH - Named Chachu will attract plenty of wealth into your home using three-legged Toads with a coin in its mouth!
This lucky creature attracts good fortune into your home.

*Place the feng shui money toad in any of the corners diagonally opposite your front door for best effect.

The best to have in a room is NINE but you can also keep them in Threes or Sixes.

At the very least, you should have one toad facing out to collect the money and one facing in to bring the money back into the house.
Keep your toads below the table, behind the couch or in other discreet public areas of your home.

* SAILING SHIPS FOR WEALTH - Enhance prosperity luck with a wealth ship sailing into your home or office.

Returning home triumphant from its various conquests, the prosperity ship docks into your 'harbor' bearing wonderful treasures and other valuables as trophies symbolizing its many victories.

Display the wealth ship sailing into your house from your sheng chi direction.

Fill your ship with coins, ingots, crystals and other treasures to symbolize a wealth ship laden with money.

* Place metal ships in the northwest or west, wooden ships in the east or southeast, crystal ships in the northeast or southwest.

* Feng Shui Bronze Money Pail
- Placing a gold vase or pail filled with treasures in your hidden place at bedroom brings great wealth luck.

You can also create your original vase with many treasures or gemstones in it. Using more high quality material vase , more money comes into your place.

Crystal, gold, silver, bronze vase are great.

It is a secret money pail ( vase), so never place it near your front door and never tell anyone it's the secret money pail. ( your wealth vase) Great place to put it is in the West or Northwest corner of our bedroom.

Feng Shui Animals


invitation of fame and recognition into life

Foo dogs:

to protect homes and family from evil influence

Pi Yao :

very powerful Chinese symbol of creature to bring wealth and protection, get rid of the sha chi (bad energy) from your place. Also bring wealth luck into your home.

Oi Lin :

most powerful Chinese symbol of creature to bring wealth, business, career, exam success, and protection, get rid of the sha chi (bad energy) from your place.


symbol of wisdom and strength. Used for strengthening career

Chinese Dragons:

symbols of great success and prosperity and also protection.


symbols of long life, endurance and success in business

3-legged frog/toad:

bring good luck and wealth


symbols of fertility, i.e. to have children, also bring luxury and financial security to children and mother.


This animal represents immortality and is often carved with the fungus of Immortality LingZhi in its mouth.


This is a symbol of luck or blessing by virtue of its name. It is called "FU" which had the same sound as the Chinese word meaning blessing.


The lion was introduced into China by Buddhism. There were no lions in China. It is a symbol of law and order and protector of sacred buildings like temples and clan buildings.


This is sometimes represented singly or in pairs when it is intended to be one of the Eight Buddhist Emblems of Happy Augury. The fish is often the carp, a sacred fish, which could come to listen to the preaching of Buddhist scriptures.

zodiac animals:

that correlate to your year of birth will give a stronger sense of self and more power; to put the zodiac animals of yours and your lover's will improve relationship

Feng Shui Statues

1.Tsai Shen Yeh God : Has strong power of protection,wealth luck, business success .

2.Kuan Kung God : Business God. The most powerful when placed in the Northwest corner of your home; he ensures peace and harmony for all residents, protection for the patriarch and prosperity luck for all.

3. Buddha: lead to atmosphere of serenity and happy contentment

4. Laughing buddha: bring joy and wealth luck into homes

5. Quan Yin (Kwan Yin>: the Goddess of Mercy, regarded as the protector of children and women

6. Fuk, Luk , Sau (3 wise men): they symbolize happiness, wealth and longevity, and to double the luck

7. Shou Xing (long life buddha, big head buddha): symbol of long life; bring long, happy and peaceful life

Feng Shui Symbols

1. Chinese coins : symbols of prosperity

2. Feng shui Coin swords: to gather wealth; also use as protector from evil intruders

3. Sailing ship: boat in full sails symbolize a happy and fascinating journey through life

4. Ting (big cooper bowls): for balancing energy

5. Jade: has protective qualities; used for longevity and for protection away from home

6. Globe of 100 children: symbolize fertility; also strengthen children's intuition.

Feng Shui Fruits

Like insects, fruits are chosen for their shapes and meaning.

1. Peach: The peach is a symbol of longevity and marriage.

2. Citron: The citron fruit of Buddha's Hand, symbolizes Buddhism because the fruit resembles Buddha's hand with the index and little finger pointing upwards.

3. Gourd: Besides its artistic shape, it is a representative symbol of one of the Eight Immortals, Li Tie Guai.

4. Pomegranate: This is a symbol of abundance because of its numerous seeds. Here again the colors of jade make it suitable, especially if the outer layer is greenish-yellow and the inside is pink or red.

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I received the beautiful brass dragons, bronze dragon incense burner and Kuan Yin. They are absolutely beautiful. I paid almost double for a smaller brass dragon from a different company that looks almost childish next to yours.

It is very obvious the quality of this artwork is far superior and the energy in my house feels like it has lifted. The small dragon you included as a gift is much nicer than I expected, thank you very much! I will enjoy these for many years, many thanks.

I look forward to ordering my Christmas presents from you.

Dabbie.L , CT

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