Feng Shui for Career promotion

Feng Shui for Career & Business Success

Direction :


Career & Business Success

Number: 1

Shape: Wavy Shape

Concentration: life path

Afflictions: Obstacles that prevent success

Middle Son

Season: Winter

Body Part: Ears

Elements & Colors to Use:

Water (Moon) Rules: Blue, Black, Purple
Metal Produces: White, Gold, Silver, Metallic

Elements & Colors to Avoid:

Earth Destroys: Yellow, Beige, Earth Tones
Wood Exhausts: Green, Brown

Stimulate your Income with Money Colors:
Blue, Green, Purple, Black & Gold

Goldfish symbolize Wealth

Feng shui tips for Wealth

* Place 9 Goldfish in the N, SE or East corner of Living Room(8 Gold & 1 Black)

* Place 1 Arrowana in the North for Abundance & Prosperity Use Chinese ancient Coins as Wealth Energizers!

* Place Yang side up in Wallets, Check Books, Bank Books, Purses, Cash registers, phones, faxes, computers, Palm Pilots, Sales books, investment books, stock portfolios, client files, etc.
Wavy Gold pattern

The Perfect Mirror to Energize Career in the North:
Water (black) & Metal (gold)

Chinese Dragons

- Success Prosperity & Good Fortune
Place a Mountain Behind Back at work for added support & prosperity
Metallic Silver & Purple = Wealth Combination

Feng Shui for Education success

Direction :

Education & Wisdom

Number: 8

Shape : Square Shape

Preparation: Contemplation; Spiritual Growth

Afflictions: Literary & Academic performance suffers

Youngest Son

Season: Early Spring

Body Part: Hands & Fingers

Elements & Colors to Use:

Earth Rules: Yellow, Beige, Earth Tones
Fire Produces: Red; Burgundy, Pink, Coral

Elements & Colors to Avoid:

Wood Destroys: Green, Brown
Metal Exhausts: White, Gold, Silver, Metallic

Schoolwork Tip:

*Place your Children's Desk in the NE Sector of their bedroom facing their "Personal Growth" direction to improve study habits and grades.

* Place a quartz crystal (earth) under a lamp (fire) on the NE corner of desk to assist with retention.
Store school books in NE.

* Place a picture of a Mountain (Earth) behind your Child's desk in the Northeast to support academics Energize Academics with a crystal prism in the NE window.

Business God Kwan Kung ( Kuan Kung )

Kwan Kung (Kuan Kung)is the most famous war general in the history of China and has strongest power for your business, career success.

He is perceived as China's finest military heroes, and was elevated to the rank of God of War in 1594, becoming one of the most popular deities in China.

His image could be found universally at home, office or business premises of Feng Shui enthusiast, as he was invoked to aid those in need of assistance.

Kwan Kung is simultaneously deified as the God of War as well as the God of Wealth.

Kwan Kung is the embodiment of power, strength, integrity, and honor.

Kwan Kung not only bestows a strong force of protection, his presence brings about status, fortune and confidence.
Kwan Kung is feared by all evil and revered by all who are sincere at heart.

No evil may lurk in the presence of the God of War. Kwan Kung protects the righteous and defends the innocent. Even hardened ghosts and robbers get scared off.


- A globe should be displayed in your study or the children's room. It is believed to promote educational and academic pursuits.

Globes are said to represent achievement of all your ambitions through academic pursuits. Professors, teachers, writers, and those involved in scholarly studies are highly advised to display it on their tables.

The effects are doubles if the table is also part of their library or study.

Feng Shui principles also denote that those looking to further their studies should place the globe in the Northeast sector of your home or study if possible. This allows the Ch'i in the area to be energized.

Promoting the educational and knowledge properties of the Northeast sector.

Twirl the globe towards you three times a day before 12am to enhance the luck of each day.

Turtle dragon

Dragon Headed Tortoise - The Lo Shu turtle is said to bring 8 different types of heavenly blessings, and among them wealth, abundance, protection, and authority.

They are seen looking up towards the Heavens, a sign of striving for perfection and accomplishment.

The symbolic meanings of the animals are dragon (luck), tortoise (long life) and bowls (prosperity).

Metal Chinese Dragons

(Bronze is the most lucky material same as Jade stones) - Success Prosperity & Good Fortune. The ultimate symbol of prosperity is a gold dragon.

Place it in the North or Northwest of your office or living room.( Never put it in your bedroom ,bathroom and kitchen. ) then sit back and watch the good flow in.

3 Wisemen Fuk Luk Sau

The Fuk Luk Sau (Three Lucky Immortals or Star Gods) is the most important symbol that appear in all chinese households as they integrate Prosperity/Wealth/Excellent Fortune, Power/Authority/Success and Longevity/Health.

All the good Feng Shui that we need in one masterpiece. Yes, that is what you need. They are favored by many businessmen, politicians, high ranking government officials and executives.

Many of successful Asian people are placing Fuk Luk Sau in their houses, office and shops.

Arowana fish (Dragon Fish)

* Place 1 Arowana (called dragon fish) in the North for Abundance & Prosperity. An Arowana picture or a figurine also have same power as live one.

Feng shui coins

(Chinese ancient Coins) -

* Use Chinese ancient Coins as Wealth Energizers!

* Tie 3 or 6 or 9 Chinese coins together with a red ribbon and hang them from a tree in your front yard.

This cure combines several lucky symbols-coins, the number three or six or nine, and red, and wood to attract and increase prosperity.

* Place Yang side up in Wallets, Check Books, Bank Books, Purses, Cash registers, phones, faxes, computers, Palm Pilots, Sales books, investment books, stock portfolios, client files, etc.


- Pagoda is an lucky symbol associated to protection and education and career luck. Pagoda has the capability to ward off evil spirits because it is used to absorb ghost by some Deities (e.g. 3-Eye Military God). It is also used for those who are preparing for important examinations.

Pagoda is another powerful tool used by Feng Shui masters besides windchime, bagua, coins and wu lou.

Pagoda bring literary luck to those who are pursuing their studies and preparing to enter univesities (equivalent of ancient imperial examinations for court officials).

Besides they also bring fame luck and advancement in career.

The 7-tier pagoda is the most effective type used authentically. It is also potent to ward off bad energy and killing forces in our surroundings.

Crystal globe

- Placing Crystal globe on your desk always get amazing result. It increase your career & Education luck.

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Hi Keiko,

I received the beautiful brass dragons, bronze dragon incense burner and Kuan Yin. They are absolutely beautiful. I paid almost double for a smaller brass dragon from a different company that looks almost childish next to yours.

It is very obvious the quality of this artwork is far superior and the energy in my house feels like it has lifted. The small dragon you included as a gift is much nicer than I expected, thank you very much! I will enjoy these for many years, many thanks.

I look forward to ordering my Christmas presents from you.

Dabbie.L , CT

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