Feng shui flying stars for 5/5 - 6/4' 2017

Feng shui flying stars for 5/5 -6/4' 2017

Monthly zodiac sign - Snake

Good luck color - White, Yellow, Beige, Silver, Purple,

Good to wear item - White or Yellow or Beige or Silver or Purple color clothes, shoes, handbags.

Tiger eye, Checkered or Border design, Flat shape,

Lucky directions for love : Southeast, West,

Lucky directions for Wealth and everything : South, West ( Northeast & East are good directions for only grown-ups who are over 13 years old )

Waning directions for traveling & moving : Northwest, North, Southwest,

Note :

*East & Northeast directions are only for people who are over 13 years old. )

* There is a warning sign for water & fire issue in North direction.

During the time ( 5/5 - 6/4'2017 ), great to travel to Southeast, West, South directions to get good chi energy but avoid to go traveling or moving to Northwest, North, Southwest directions from your present living place to avoid misfortune.

The most dangerous star 5 yellow earth moved to center and good to place metal remedies such as bronze Qi Lin or coins sword or 6 Chinese coins in the center of your house or your living room or your room. ( Qi Lin is not good to display in your bathroom, kitchen and bedroom .)

Also illness star 2 black earth moved to Southwest. Good to place brass wu lou or coin sword, or bronze Qi Lin or 6 Chinese coins, or bronze happy Buddha statue in the Southwest sector of your house ( or your office )to avoid to get health problem.

North ( Annual : 6 white metal / Monthly : 1 white water )

Water produces metal. This is a productive combination , career, business success and promotion. Possibility of nervous breakdown.

Remedy : Not needed, but water and metal to increase your lucky chance.

Good to a ring singing bowl around the space daily or burn incense ( sage or sandal wood ) to remove negative energy.

Good place items : Table top water fountain and metal a dragon, Bronze or brass dragon, water fountain, Bronze ( or brass ) fuk luk sau, Bronze ( or brass ) laughing Buddha ( Happy Buddha ) with gold ingot.

South ( Annual : 5 yellow earth / Monthly: 9 purple fire )

Beware this direction. Worst star 5 yellow is always in this direction until next January.

Although a productive relationship, it is not a healthy star.

9 purple star is encouraging the highly unlucky star 5 yellow 's propensity for misfortune. Confusion of the mind, financial and health hazard due to implosive behavior.

Remedy : Metal is needed to prevent accidents, disaster, financial ruin . Be on alert this direction during the time.

Good to ring singing bowl around the space daily or burn incense ( sage or sandal wood ) to remove negative energy.

Good to place items : : : Bronze Qi Lin, Coin sword, Bronze or Brass dragon, Bronze ( or brass ) Laughing Buddha, Bronze Fuk Luk Sau, Metal Wind chime, 6 chinese coins, Singing bowl, Sea salt.

East (Annual : 8 white earth / Monthly : 3 green wood )

Wood burdens earth, unfavorable combination. Beware robbery and arguments.

Injury to children. and this domination relationship reduces lucky start 8 white's power financial success.

Remedy : Need to add fire to revert this cycle to a productive one, to foster financial gain , and to negate the possibility of limb injuries.

Good to place items : : Red Pi yao, Jade dragon, Jade horse figurine , bird figurines , HK Ivory or porcelain fuk luk sau, colorful flowers.

West (Annual : 3 green wood / Monthly : 7 red metal )

Metal pierces wood. unfavorable combination, although financial success possible.

Injury by a metal object. Lawsuit.

Remedy : Add Fire and water to keep good balance

Good to place items : Red pi yao, jade dragon, Horse figurine, Red Candles, Lamp, red color dragon design plate. Red or pink color flowers with glass of vase. Bird or phoenix design art, pyramid, Star design,

Northwest (Annual : 2 black earth / Monthly : 6 white metal )

Earth produces metal. however this is bad earth.

Beware for your health, this is bringing abdominal disease but wealth luck.

Remedy : The reductive phase metal is needed to condenses and restrict nasty Earth energy.

Avoid to place any fire items such as candles, red color items.

Good to ring a singing bowl and burn incense around the space to clean energy.

Good to place items : Brass Wu Lou, Bronze( or brass )Qi Lin, Coin sword, Bronze Laughing Buddha, Bronze or brass dragon Bronze Fuk Luk Sau, Metal wind chime, 6 Chinese coins, Sea Salt.

Northeast ( Annual : 4 green wood / Monthly : 8 white earth )

Wood burdens earth. This is a cut and dry domination relationship involving two inherently fortunate stars.

Financial success, Injury to children.

Remedy : Need fire to revert this cycle to productive one.

Fire will enhance financial gain associated with 8 white earth and prevent injuries to the limbs.

Good to place items: : Red pi yao, Jade dragon , Red candle, Red flowers, Phoenix image, Birds image, Horse image, Jade horse figurine, Pyramid, Bird painted inside crystal ball,

(Animal figurines and gods statues shouldn't place in your bedroom and bathroom )

Southeast (Annual : 9 purple fire / Monthly : 4 green woood )

Wood produces fire. Very lucky combination.

This is a productive location good for writing and creativity. Bring romance.

Remedy: : Not needed but add fire to brighten your prospects.

Good to place items : Red pi yao, Birds figurine, Green jade horse figurine, Jade dragon, pyramid, phoenix image,

Southwest (Annual : 7 red metal / Monthly : 2 black earth )

Earth produces metal. however it's a nasty earth. Financial loss.

Physical fitness.

Remedy : Add metal to protect your health and financial problem.

Good to ring a singing bowl and burn incense around the space to clean the energy every week.

Good to place items : Brass wu lou, Bronze Quan Yin with dragon, Bronze laughing Buddha, 6 Chinese i-ching coins, Bronze ( or brass ) turtle dragon, Bronze fuk luk sau ,Singing bowl, Sea salt,

Center (Annual : 1 white water / Monthly : 5 yellow earth )

Earth blocks water. This is a domination relationship.

A Combination bringing the possibility of illness, food poisoning and accident.

Remedy : Metal is needed to kill nasty 5 yellow star.

Good to ring a singing bowl and burn incense around the space to clean the energy every week.

Good to place items: : : Brozne Qi Lin, Bronze or brass dragon, coin sword, 6 i-ching coins, Bronze or brass turtle dragon, Metal 6 rods wind chime, Singing bowl, Sea Salt,

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Hi Keiko,

I received the beautiful brass dragons, bronze dragon incense burner and Kuan Yin. They are absolutely beautiful. I paid almost double for a smaller brass dragon from a different company that looks almost childish next to yours.

It is very obvious the quality of this artwork is far superior and the energy in my house feels like it has lifted. The small dragon you included as a gift is much nicer than I expected, thank you very much! I will enjoy these for many years, many thanks.

I look forward to ordering my Christmas presents from you.

Dabbie.L , CT

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