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Powerful Tibetan Dragon 6 eyes Agate Dzi bead

For Wealth, Prosperity, Protection, Success, Well-being

Powerful Tibetan Dragon 6 Eyes Dzi bead made of natural agate.

Size of dzi bead - 8.1 cm long ( about 3.2 inch ) , 1.8 cm wide ( about 0.7 inch )

Weight : 0.1

Material : Agate

Included : One dzi bead ( the base is not included )

Tibetan Dragon 6 Eyes Dzi beads are a specific type of Dzi bead, renowned for their unique appearance and spiritual significance in Tibetan culture.

Dzi beads are considered powerful and sacred objects believed to possess various metaphysical and protective properties.

The Tibetan Dragon 6 Eyes Dzi beads, in particular, carry distinct symbolism and are associated with both spiritual and practical benefits.

Tibetan Dragon 6 Eyes Dzi Beads:

Tibetan Dragon 6 Eyes Dzi beads are characterized by their pattern of six distinct "eyes" or circular markings on the surface.

These eyes are often believed to resemble the eyes of a dragon, a potent and revered creature in Tibetan mythology and spirituality.

The beads usually have a dark or earthy color, and the eyes may appear in contrasting shades or as raised dots on the surface.

Each bead is unique, and the eyes are often irregularly shaped, adding to their individual character.

Benefits of Tibetan Dragon 6 Eyes Dzi Beads:

It’s known as that (Chinese) dragon dwells in the dragon-eye dzi beads, so it has very strong power and it’s not only have power when you are wearing, but also just displaying it in your home, it support all the people who live in the home.

It’s one of the few dzi beads which has power to help and improve all area of thin gs such as wealth, career success, business success, fame, health, all your wishes,

This is a very powerful dzi beads so it’s good to chant Mantra of Six Words:


* Financial Prosperity:

Just like other Dzi beads, the Tibetan Dragon 6 Eyes Dzi beads are associated with attracting wealth and financial prosperity. They are believed to open doors to abundance and success.

* Connection to Nature:

Dragons have a strong connection to the natural world in Tibetan mythology. Wearing these beads is believed to enhance the wearer's connection to nature and the elements.

* Protection:

The Tibetan Dragon 6 Eyes Dzi beads are believed to provide powerful protection against negative energies, evil spirits, and harm.

The dragon's symbolism adds to their protective qualities, as dragons are seen as guardians and defenders in Tibetan culture.

* Enhanced Wisdom:

The eyes on the bead are associated with heightened perception and awareness.

Wearing or possessing these beads is believed to enhance one's intuition, insight, and overall wisdom.

* Spiritual Growth:

The Dragon 6 Eyes Dzi beads are thought to aid in spiritual growth and enlightenment.

They are believed to help the wearer on their spiritual journey by providing a sense of guidance and connection to higher realms.

* Strength and Courage:

Dragons are often associated with strength, courage, and determination.

Wearing these beads is believed to instill these qualities in the wearer, helping them face challenges and obstacles with resilience.

* Attracting Positive Energy:

The beads are believed to attract positive energy, blessings, and good fortune into the wearer's life.

They are thought to create a harmonious and uplifting energetic field.

* Health and Well-Being:

Tibetan Dragon 6 Eyes Dzi beads are believed to promote physical health and well-being.

They are thought to balance the body's energies and support overall vitality.

It's important to note that the benefits of Tibetan Dragon 6 Eyes Dzi beads are often rooted in cultural and spiritual beliefs.

These beads are considered sacred and are valued not only for their potential benefits but also for their historical and cultural significance.

When wearing or using Dzi beads, including the Tibetan Dragon 6 Eyes variety, it's advisable to do so with respect, intention, and a willingness to understand and appreciate their symbolism within Tibetan spirituality.

Meaning of this dzi beads

* Attract wealth, Prosperity

* Good luck,

* Power,

* Total success

* Symbol of virtue and happiness

* One’s wish come true

* Remove suffer and trouble

This dzi beads is good for

* People who wish to get business & career success

* People who wish to increase income and wealth luck

* People who wish to increase luck

Magical power of agate

Improves meditation, high energy, happiness, well being , well balanced communication.

How to use the Dzi beads ?

1. Purify the Dzi beads.

2. Put the dzi beads on your heart area where you can hear your heart beat.

3. Tell your desire to the Dzi beads.

( use present tense with gratitude.

For example : "I have ___( what you want ) ... Thank you so much. " " I am ___ ( who you want to be ) Thank you so much ." )

3. Visualize it and feel the joy.

4. Chant Mantra, " Om Mani Padme Hum ".

1 set 7 times X 3 times. ( Good to chant the mantra at least 21 times daily. Until Total of 10,000 times to receive blessings. )

You can do 2 to 4 above anytime whenever you have time until your wish come true.

How to purify the Dzi beads ?

* Burn sage and smudge it to all over the Dzi beads.

* Burn sandalwood incense and smudge it to all over the Dzi beads.

* Put sandalwood essence oil in the cotton and wipe the Dzi beads with it.

* Put the Dzi beads into a warm mineral water and keep it for about 2 to 3 hours.

* Put the Dzi beads on the crystal cluster and keep it all night.

Good to purify the Dzi beads at least once a month.

If you purchased old Dzi beads, good to purify it well before you start to wear it.

Shipping for this item :

This item will be shipped from outside of USA and will be shipped within 2 to 3 business days from the date the order was placed.

The estimated delivery time is about 15 to 25 days to USA address, about 15 to 35 days to other countries by standard air mail shipping.

This item is FREE SHIPPING by standard air mail shipping.

Please select " International shipping " for the shipping option at the check out page.

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Hi Keiko,

I received the beautiful brass dragons, bronze dragon incense burner and Kuan Yin. They are absolutely beautiful. I paid almost double for a smaller brass dragon from a different company that looks almost childish next to yours.

It is very obvious the quality of this artwork is far superior and the energy in my house feels like it has lifted. The small dragon you included as a gift is much nicer than I expected, thank you very much! I will enjoy these for many years, many thanks.

I look forward to ordering my Christmas presents from you.

Dabbie.L , CT

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