Chinese feng shui symbols for happiness

What Chinese feng shui symbols are good for happiness and protection ?

Almost all Chinese people keep ancient Chinese good luck symbols at home or wear jade jewelry for their protection and good luck.

China is one of the most ancient countries , over 4,000 years , having experienced much change over the centuries. There are a lot of myths in Chinese history and culture.

Feng shui science is very important in china and is considered to be one of the reasons Chinese culture has been very successful all over the world.

Here are the most famous Chinese feng shui symbols for happiness and good luck.


An amulet bearing the eight trigrams and the all-purpose benediction, good fortune from the Eastern Ocean and long life from the South mountain Amulets and talismans are referred to in the oldest Chinese texts. They are usually made principally from special Chinese rice paper. and this is a message to the evil spirits written in " ghost script" a form of writing whose characters bear a certain similarity to ordinary Chinese characters but which is fully accessible only by Taoism adepts.

The amulets are worn by many feng shui experts as a protection against robbery and danger.

Chinese dragon

Chinese dragon is the most important Chinese feng shui symbol and it symbolizes success and power. When you place a dragon image in the east corner of your house ( except bed room, kitchen and bathroom ) this will bring great fortune and success into your life.

Dragon activates yang energy around you and this will help your career success when you display the image on your desk.

Dragon image is also a great protection symbol when you display it near the entrance. Dragon image is a match with water and crystal and great to display with crystal ball or water feature such as atable top water fountain or aquarium.

Sailing ship

Sailing ship is believed to bring wealth from wind and water. Chinese business people always display this business lucky symbol near their store ( or office ) entrance to attract visitors and customers and increase their income.

This is the most popular Chinese feng shui symbol for business, career success. Having more than one ship brings your many sources of income. Also great to place some old Chinese coins on the ship to attract more income.

Chinese coins ( Good fortune coins)

Chinese old coins are believed to bring wealth from heaven and earth. Three or six or nine coins together tied up with red thread ( or ribbon ) are the best to use.

Place them ( or hang them ) in the wealth corner of your house, or place it under the doormat of your entrance ( inside ) or glue them in business invoice books , or stick to cash registers or taped to telephones and fax machines.

This will attract alot of wealth luck into your business life and protect you from financial problems.

Three-legged frog ( money frog )

Three legged frog is believed to be the most popular symbol which attracts wealth and money into the home. The frog is a symbol of money-making success and it is a part of many legends surrounding the Eight immortals.

This creature is frequently depicted sitting on a bed of coins and ingots, holdinga coin in its mouth.

The three legged frog should be placed at floor level and the best places are under chairs and sofas, facing in any direction except not to face direct ly out of the house.


Fish symbolizes abundance. Many Chinese people like to keep ornamental live fish in aquariums in their office and their home to attract more income. and it is best to display near the front entrance or in the living room.Gold fish, koi, carp, arrowana are believed to be the most auspicious fishes.

Qi Lin ( Chi Lin)

Qi Lin ( Chi Lin ) is a creature with the head of a dragon and body of a horse and scales of a fish.

This is a fabulous Chinese feng shui symbol of good omens, prosperity, success, longevity.

A single Qi lin bring success at work, and good to display in the office. A pair of Qi Lin protects the home and the family from evil spirits and good display near the entrance.


Phoenix symbolizes wonderful opportunities, fame and popularity, and great to display this image in the South corner of your house.


Horses are believed to bring the company recognition. A victory horse enables you to outpace the competition and a tribute horse suggests abundance and prosperity brought by business associates and a celebration horse ensures success against obstacles or setbacks. Great to place this image in the South corner of the office or house.

Fuk Luk Sau

Fuk Luk Sau are the three star gods whose names are Fuk, symbolizes family happiness, fulfillment, good relationships and mutual love, and Luk for wealth , power and authority, and Sau for good health and longevity.

Most of feng shui masters keep at least one set of the three star gods in their living room or dining room.

Gold ingots

Gold ingots are believed to bring wealth and prosperity. Its a traditional Chinese symbol of wealth.Great to place it in front of a Chinese god or a happy buddha statue or on the desk, near the entrance door to attract more wealth in to your life.

Turtle dragon

One of the most popular feng shui creature is a turtle dragon . It created by head of dragon, body of turtle and is sitting on bed of coins and ingots , and on it's back is a baby turtle.

This unique feng shui creature symbolizes success, courage and determination, wealth, prosperity, longevity. When you display the turtle dragon behind your work desk, this will support your career for your success. Also this creature can be a great remedy for your protection when you display it near the entrance door.

Pi Yao

Pi Yao is a unique feng shui mystical creature and it symbolizes good fortune, and wealth. and in the form of a heavenly creature with one horn, lion-dog face, hoofs, wing, and tail that offers protection from evil spirits.

This is a powerful protection symbol and especially it helps when experiencing bad luck cause by Grand Duke Jupiter after you rebuilt your home or moved into a new place.


Crane is a popular Chinese symbol of long life and good health. Great to place this image in the South corner of your house.

Mystic knot

One of the most popular Chinese feng shui symbos is Mystic knot and it symbolizes endless love, endless opportunities, and success in all the professions.

The symbol shape shows everything goes in a circle , there are no beginning and no ending. It is called " Magical lucky knot " in feng shui . It symbolizes never ending circle of good luck turning into bad luck then into good luck again.

If you have ever been to Chinese restaurant, you might already noticed this lucky symbols there becasue most of Chinese business people put the mystic knot symbol in their store or office to their business go smoothly.

Great to place this lucky symbols around your space ( or wear this symbol ) to have lucky life , hang it in your car to protect from accident, place it in your hand bag or luggage. This is an extremely powerful eymbol to wear as it acts both as an amulet of protection as well as energizer of good relationship.


Double-happiness symbol is written by Chinese words which meaning shows " Joy" twice and that symbolizes happy marriage and love. This symbol activates wedding luck.

If you are a single and wish to have romance opportunity or a partner, place this symbol on the Southwest corner of your house( or room ) or wear it or place it in your hand bag.

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