<center> Ancient China , Secret Taoism Fortune-telling <br>        "San-mei-gaku"</center>

Secret Taoism Fortune-telling "San-mei-gaku"

San-mei -gaku is a personality psychology profile system that is based on our birth date , using Yin and Yan, 5 elements method, and the human body.

Over 4,000 years ago, San-mei-gaku evolved during the generation that produced Taoism, in ancient China.

It was used as strategy for war and politics and the art of living in ancient Chinese royal families and had been kept secret for a long time.

About 2000 years ago, this secret study had been known as fortune-telling in public.

Now a days, sanmei-gaku is not very well known in China but it is in Japan.

After world war 2, a Chinese master taught sanmei gaku.

He taught that knowing ourselves and the purpose of our life is the key to have all our happiness.

Also finding people who are match with our personalities will bring you good luck.

Humans were born between heaven and earth and are given heaven energy (qi ) , earth energy, and human energy when we were born.

It is known that when we were born, we are given heaven energy (heaven qi) in the first year, and are given earth energy in the second year, and are given human energy in the third year. All our personalities are made by the time we are 3 years old.

In san-mei-gaku, we can know our real natural personalities we otherwise might not even notice. In other words, we can know our purpose of our life using the human body map.

Living according to our true nature is always the best way.

For example, If you wished to be a leader of an organization, but your real natural personality type ia that of a supporter who is comfortable working for someone else, you would not be able to feel happy to be a leader and your life won't succeed. because you chose the wrong way of your life and did not naturally living.

Humans need 5 points , protection, information, attraction power, attack, and knowledge.

Everybody has different type of the body map even if your are twin, your brother/sister has opposite personality.

Twin has almost same sigh and same body map , however, their sign become yin and yan for each other.

In san-mei-gaku, each point has Yin and Yang total of 10 main stars and that shows our real personalities, relationship, family, parents and kids in our body map.

Also there are 12 supporting stars that shows our childhood, middle age and late ages, beside our main spirit sigh that shows our element and our spirits type. We can know our match partner by this main spirit sign.

How can san-mei-gaku help our life ?

Getting know your good time and bad time period in san-mei-gaku will help your life better.

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have all the luck and some don't ?
Lucky people live naturally with their real personalities and they know what they really want and make right choices in a good time.

In san-mei-gaku you can know your purpose of your life, real personality, your fit work and a partner and your good time and bad time.

For example, getting married is a big decision, If you get married with the right person in your lucky time, your marriage life will be going well without any stress.

Some parents break their kids luck and control their kid's life purpose while they live together . When their parent passed away, or the kids left from their parents, finally the kids can live naturally in their way.

Some parents can help their kid's luck when both of their personalities are match.

Also if you are in lucky time but someone who lives with you are in difficult time period, the negative energy may kill your good luck. To protect your luck , feng shui will help you.

" Ten Chu Satsu " - Heaven center killing

What is "Ten Chu Satsu" ?

When humans were born, everybody was also given this challenge every 9 years, this season comes to our life for 3 years. However, it dosn't mean this will bring you bad luck. It's just the season you can't get any protection help.

During the time, it's not the time to start something, (business, change your job, marriage, moving, have a baby) . and if you try to start it, it won't get good result. More you try something to get better, more it will get worse and worse.

Just take a rest, and enjoy your present situation or get knowledge until next spring comes. Good to be passive during this time.

Here is the life cycle. This cycle is repeating until the end of your life.
During winter season are the one that is called " Ten Chu Satsu " .

seed - grow - blossom - rest - achieve - rest - resumption - wealth -satisfaction - winter - winter - winter

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I received the beautiful brass dragons, bronze dragon incense burner and Kuan Yin. They are absolutely beautiful. I paid almost double for a smaller brass dragon from a different company that looks almost childish next to yours.

It is very obvious the quality of this artwork is far superior and the energy in my house feels like it has lifted. The small dragon you included as a gift is much nicer than I expected, thank you very much! I will enjoy these for many years, many thanks.

I look forward to ordering my Christmas presents from you.

Dabbie.L , CT

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